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Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless UK can supply a full range of stainless steel fasteners for use with their products. These include couplers, load nuts, lock nuts, plate washers, serrated plates, turnbuckles, clevis, homing caps, lantern spacers and tying wire.

All Stainless UK fasteners have been designed to provide a strength equal to the theoretical minimum required by the threaded bar. Stainless steel fixngs are made as small as possible to ensure that the strength of the bar can be fully utilised.

Couplers - To prevent couplers running along the bar, all couplers up to 30mm diameter are supplied with a central pin stop.  For diameters greater than 30mm, the threads do not pass completely through the couplers.

Load Nuts - Standard full strength load nuts are used in conjunction with flat plate washers.  Hemi-load nuts provide a secure seat for up to 8 degrees of misalignment when used together with a dished plate washer.  Circular, rather than hexagonal, load nuts can be supplied for larger diameter threads or applications where space is limited.

Plate Washers - A full range of square backing plates are available in either stainless steel, plain mild steel or galvanised mild steel. Serrated plate washers can be supplied as required.  Where mild or galvanised plates are used in conjunction with stainless steel rebar, we can also supply nylon washers to prevent galvanic corrosion arising from the contact between dissimilar metals.

Turnbuckles - The design of turnbuckle will depend on the size of threads and strength required.  Stainless UK will work with the customer to produce the most suitable design for the application

Lantern Spacers - Located at intervals along the length of the bar, lantern spacers are designed to ensure a minimum thickness of grout between the bar and the side of the hole along the full length of the hole. Lantern spacers are available in stainless steel or plastic. Plastic lantern spacers are available up to 36mm diameter.  For larger diameters, Stainless UK can manufacture lantern spacers from stainless



Nuts and Couplers
Hemi Washers
Dished Plate with Hemi Nut
Stainless Wire Rope and Fixings
Tying Wire
Sack Ties
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