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Grip-Bar Anchor System

Grip-Bar is a unique high bond, high strength stainless steel threaded bar Anchor System for rock anchors, soil nails, ground anchors, masonry and concrete fixing.

Grip-Bar® is made from cold drawn bar feedstock. It benefits from superior strength, whilst retaining the higher ductility associated with stainless steel.

Grip-Bar is a bespoke thread, manufactured in 6m fully threaded lengths and cut to order. The threads on the bars are rolled, not cut, which benefits from not removing any material from the bar during threading. It is in principle a cold forging process, and hence the resulting grain flow improves the strength of the thread relative to that of a cut thread of the same size. A full range of Grip-Bar accessory products are available

Stainless steel Grip-Bar is used in Civil and Geotechnical engineering, particularly where an extended life structure is being constructed. Its high concrete / steel bond strength added to its unique high tensile strength makes it ideal for applications such as rock bolts, soil nails, bridge strengthening, building and bridge cross ties, ground anchors or holding down bolts

Grip-Bar has many practical advantages and benefits. As a high strength thread rolled stainless steel bar, the product provides a proven bond strength with unique corrosion resistance. Grip-Bar is easily cut on site without damaging the thread form. Its superior ductility makes it ideal for areas of seismic activity.

For more information download the Grip-Bar data sheet.

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