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Pattress Plates

Stainless UK Ltd can supply a wide range of pattress plates as used in the rail and building industries for many years. They are designed for use in areas such as bridge masonry, traditional brick arches and other building applications.

Stainless UK Ltd are able to supply Pattress Plates made from either Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel or Mild Steel.

Traditional ductile iron pattress plates are available for use in low stress bearing areas of masonry structures. In addition to traditional shaped plates, Stainless UK can also supply ductile iron pattress plates with an architectural finish where a more aesthetically pleasing appearance is required. They can be used together with the high tensile Grip-Bar range of anchors and tie bars. A range of accessories such as stainless steel adapter washers and Nylon 66 top hat isolation washers are available. Standard pattress plates held in stock are designed to allow for 8º of misalignment.  Pattress plates designed for 45º misalignment can be made to order.

Stainless steel pattress plates in their simplest form can be made from a flat plate with a centre hole.  The thickness of the plate is designed to withstand the tension in the tie bar or anchor and the size of the plate is chosen so the cross-sectional area of the plate transfers the loads evenly across the bearing substrate. The final plate design will depend upon aesthetics and the angle of misalignment between the tie bar and bearing surface. Stainless UK has a number of options to provide plates with different levels of misalignment.  Plates up to 12mm thick can be ‘dished´, in thicker plates the holes can be countersunk.  Hemispherical washers or hemi-load nuts are used to provide the alignment in the hole.  Dished and countersunk plates will normally allow for up to 8 degrees of misalignment. For thicker plates or larger misalignment, we provide plates with raised bosses and slotted holes.  Stainless UK can supply plates suitable for up to 45 degrees misalignment.
Mild steel pattress plates are available in either plain or galvanised finish. The most basic design of pattress plate is a square, flat plate with centre hole.  To allow for up to 8 degrees of misalignment, plates can be supplied with a dish. The amount of misalignment that a plate can be designed to take depends to a large extent on the thickness of plate and the diameter of the tie bar.

For more information download the Pattress Plates data sheet.

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